DECENTRELON | The new crypto twitter board.
DECENTRELON | The new crypto twitter board.

DECENTRELON | The new crypto twitter board.

There are those that make decisions fast, and then there are those make decisions for things that last.
While we are not spending the time to perfectly curate the opportunity, this repository of information shows the thought and effort that has gone into this project.

We are creating a decentralized version of Twitter platform that is truly BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE. Governed by all Twitter users who give the revolution a voice.
DECENTRELON is a mission to build the largest cryptocurrency network ever. Spawned by a massive giveaway to bring the hundreds of millions of twitter users onto web3, which is successful will allow us to buy Twitter and kickstart the de-privatization of the internet.
Together we believe we can create the next twitter, decentralized, governed by its users, and fully crypto friendly.
Our goal is to create buzz and virality, spreading the meme with a dream of buying Twitter by launching the first ever token claim built into a wallet, the first ever airdrop claim done to twitter, and the first wallet software to be owned by a DAO.
If this goes decently well it means the creation of the LARGEST wallet app community, the biggest DAO, the largest on-chain governance program, and the biggest web2 → web3 onboarding event ever.
Bitcoin was developed as a financial technology with political goals identical to those of the Founding Fathers: liberation. The ultimate end of crypto is the possibility of a future for humanity unshackled from the institutions that seek to limit our growth. Our ultimate goal is to bring about a more vital future for humanity, and we will use this technology to achieve this righteous end.
-Dryden Brown | Founder Of Praxis
Elon’s backing out, now we together will do what he couldn't he just put the fumes in the air for us to ignite.
What is a DAO and why is DECENTRELON DAO owning Twitter revolutionary?
Airdrop Deep Dive
Freebird App Notes
Operation Freebird Memo
Stream Of Conciousness
Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
Taking opendao and putting it on steroids. With an actual vision, way more memetic, way more of a flywheel, a way bigger userbase, and an actual dream.

Media creates our shared reality
Internet companies distort our view of reality with algorithms that serve their broken incentives.
Expert systems fail to predict and inform us in a fast pace nonlinear world.
They control our information making it hard to switch platforms.
DECENTRELON | The DAO organizing to buy Twitter.