DECENTRELON | The DAO organizing to buy Twitter.

DECENTRELON | The DAO organizing to buy Twitter.

We are the spearhead that shakes the establishment. The armor is cracked, its time to open the floodgates.
This Tweet Storm is INEVITABLE, and MASSIVE. We are gearing up to conduct the DROP heard around the world.
Earlier this year we saw Constitution DAO launch in an effort to buy the Constitution. Word spread organically through Twitter and before long 17,546 Unique Crypto Wallets had helped fund over 47 million dollars. Sadly, they were outbid by hedge funder owner Kenneth Griffin. In response a token was released to the funders of the DAO which now was purposeless. Regardless of that markets drove the market cap to 888 million. Sadly, creating a new constitution for them would be meaningless and so the organization has slowly lost attention. The founder of constitution DAO has now joined a new team, one looking even higher called DECENTRELON.
DECENTRELON is forming to buy Twitter itself, it sounds crazy but the plan has REAL potential once you dive in. DECENTRELON has a wallet and voting platform they are launching as the largest crypto airdrop ever done. If they fail to get enough funds to buy it, they still plan to build a new, better one, and use incentives to have users switch over permanently.
The power of unity and a collective goal is much stronger than one man. Together, we can achieve anything. Let’s dig deeper into the math that will allow DECENTRELON to complete their goal. This is not financial advice and is represented strictly for illustrative purposes.
Twitter currently has ~230 million monetizable daily active users and over 330 million monthly active users. With Elondrop, the largest crypto airdrop in history, each of these users has the opportunity to join the movement to decentralize Twitter by going through a simple Tweet to Claim function in the DECENTRELON app.
The power in these numbers should not be understated. There’s inherent value in any application that gains a mass userbase, which is why technology applications, and even more so web3 platforms, are often valued on a per user basis.
Coinbase currently has ~100 million verified users and ~9.2 million monthly transaction users (currently valued at ~$150 per verified user and ~$1,600 per monthly active user based on a ~$15 billion public market cap). If even a third of monthly active Twitter users claim free tokens, we would surpass Coinbase in users and create the largest crypto platform overnight.
LooksRare (NFT Trading Platform) has only ~2k daily active users (currently valued at over $300k per daily active user based on the diluted market value of their token $LOOKS). It’s important to note that LooksRare was launched with the same free claim methodology we are using, except it was only available to current users of OpenSea (a platform with only ~40k daily active users)
For ELONDROP, if we are able to get just 20% of daily monetizable Twitter users to claim their free airdrop, we would have over 45 million active users. This would represent the largest crypto onboarding event in history, and would create the largest crypto app, company, DAO, and wallet overnight. Assuming a conservative value of $2,000 per active user, this would imply a market capitalization of $90 billion, which is double the current acquisition price for Twitter. Just imagine the value possible if we truly unite together, with a common goal, and get a majority of Twitter to collect their free token allocation.
As outlined by Balaji Srinivasan, “A decentralized Twitter could easily be as valuable as Ethereum's $350 billion [market cap], because Twitter already has a massive internal digital economy. A Twittercoin that served as the native payment instrument for ads and digital goods on platform would do well, and it could also be used to pay for a priority inbox: pay more to get to the top of someone's DMs, where the recipient can keep the funds or donate to charity.”
Now that we have established that a market capitalization of $100 billion to $350 billion is a realistic outcome assuming support from the current Twitter community, let’s discuss the economics of an actual acquisition.
The DECENTRELON treasury holds 28.5% of total tokens outstanding, and the use of treasury funds will be voted on by the community. At a market capitalization of $160 billion (less than half of what Balaji suggested), 28.5% of tokens represent $45.6 billion dollars, which is more than the current acquisition price of Twitter. In order to complete this deal, the DAO would exchange treasury funds to large institutions in over-the-counter (OTC) deals. Deals of this nature would be conducted with large institutions, hedge funds, private equity / venture capital firms, and wealthy individuals (including Elon Musk). Continue to find people to fly out to stay and work
The more we can unite and support this movement toward decentralization, the more power we will have to achieve our goal. There is no ceiling for the token price, as it represents voting rights in what can be the future of web3 social media for the entire world. The mission begins with decentralizing Twitter, but the future is up to the community. There is significant opportunity to create decentralized protocols not only for Twitter, but also for a basic crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace, and other existing social media platforms.
Although Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet, he still needs to fight a battle of intra-American politics to win the fight for Twitter. As written by Balaji, there’s a “gathering horde that’s going to spend every minute of the next few months trying to torpedo the deal. By dint of what it is, and who he is, Twitter and Elon have become the current thing - that which the establishment’s malign attention is focused on.” This is only become more clear in recent weeks, as allegations are made against Elon. While we believe Elon has positive intentions for Twitter, with ELONDROP we can take matters into our own hands and ensure the decentralization of Twitter. We also have the opportunity to, as a community, elect Elon Musk as the leader of the DAO if he agrees to accept the position.