Freebird App Notes

Freebird App Notes

Of course, we plan to allow the people to invite a board. While we wait, we are allowing thought leaders to compile thoughts together of the best updates.
A Positive Algorithm For Humanity:
Creating the Vibe Connosuier.
How to design an algorithm that motivates people and makes them better. To give a great vibe download like YouTube used to give?
-social media is designed to keep you unproductive- How do we design a social media that makes you more productive? We would have users tell us when theyre leaving the app INSPIRED.
The goal of media on the app is to have users feel the great energy of life and to look forward to the day.
Often we use social media and just exit feeling drained. By having a metric from our users of not only specific media, but media groupings that allowed a user to build up enough emotion for a motivational climax to exit the phone is a win, and an algorithm trained to do that is going to serve us the BEST VIBES.