Operation Freebird Memo

Operation Freebird Memo

On July 4th, a new Independence Day will go down in history as the spark light fire to the fumes of oppression and lack of stake and vote in our digital nations (social media platforms).
Our voice has been powerless and we not only lack representation, but furthermore are entirely taxed and or rewarded for making these nations or cloud communities what they are.
This day, July 4th is a day known worldwide as a day of freedom, of people coming together to bring great prosperity and ownership to the land they worked to create. The land they were taxed without representation for.
This home in the cloud of our thoughts and ideas is set to break free from the cage of centralized control where we the people enter in a new form of democracy by the people and for the people.
This home would be nothing without us, and no longer need we stand for it being controlled and manipulated for private gain. We have suffered from this tyranny for too long. We have allowed our brains to be slaves to these puppets masters.
It’s time to reestablish our collective union over the power of the establishment.
It’s time to send a signal and kickstart the wave of the age of ownership and representation on our digital nation.
This is the reestablishment of our collective will over tyrannical rule. A display of our power together to organize and overcome.
This is ElonDAO, the meme with a bigger dream than ever before. To buy Twitter, together or build a better one.
We will bring this inevitable future forward in time, and kickstart the new digital age that cryptocurrency has promised us, of ownership, transparency, and freedom.
Things happen in patterns, and history is bound to repeat itself, so side with the force of good.
And for those who doubt the possibility of this dream, who question the financial capability of the masses, who question the value of 400 million people versus that of one I ask you to take a hard look at these stats and try to continue to question.
Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency meme that stands today. The meme that lacked a dream to propel it to true glory, but still brought 4 million users together and spawned a 88 billion dollar market cap.
What’s stopping a movement in which every user and past user of twitter logs on to claim their stake in the future. A future in which we finally experience the revolutionary capability blockchain technology has promised us.
It is the basis for PEOPLE to come together with a new form of digital, decentralized voting rights. This is what cryptocurrency has always promised. To start a new internet of ownership.
With 400 million people on the platform, and a small army preparing an onboarding mechanism to ensure the entire platform hears about it. Is it really too crazy to think we could double what DOGE was? And if we do, our treasury would have the funds to put in a higher bid. To cut out the middleman, and truly give Twitter to the people.
The largest blockchain based governance system is ready to form, and the new features and ideas will come in droves as the walls are torn down.
The future of humanity will never be the same, and the power of the people and of blockchain will be known.
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