Stream Of Conciousness

We will propose initial snapshot propositions because we have been thinking about this.
Option to only allow verified accounts to interact with you
Option to Filter To Only Verified People
Each Verified Real Person Gets A Checkmark on Their Account
Every person can have up to x accounts
(how does the voting on snapshot work)
Big DAO’s with their own app and crypto wallet has massive value ITSELF.
Every profile as an NFT like ENS + Also Gifting Everyone An NFT
Crypto wallet apps can turn into anything you really want with updates.
In particular it could even be a service of tweets for tokens for other companies, and provide protocol revenue to the elondrop dao.
We could fork DESO since our chain will have more users quite fast, and theyre overpriced and unfairly distributed with massive VC funding.
We will be creating a Wallet To Wallet Messaging Protocol.
We are dreaming without limits.
We are being spawned from bringing a network of Tweeters into our community who will be governing the future of this project together. We believe this network has everything we need to pioneer the future together.
For many companies user ownership means giving a sliver of the shares to the top performing users. When it comes to ElonDrop, it means being USER OWNED and USER OPERATED.
We are performing the greatest exit, to the greatest community.
While we want to define a roadmap because we have given the future of wallets and the wallet world plenty of thought it is of course up to everyone to choose whether to follow this.
Swap Function Fee
Wallet To Wallet Messaging
Web3 Identity
Browser With Crypto Rewards For Surfing

Side Notes:
In terms of delegatory systems, humans are faulty components who hold power in completing a vote → manifestation of action.
As there becomes greater community risk for human fault in completion of action, the barrier of entry of building these becomes easier, and more social credit will be given to the builder, we can assume these new functions will be made.
Web Infastructure companies who offer API’s in order to conduct these changes as voted on by DAO’s will claim plenty of these DAO’s operative abilities.
The Level Of:
Humans Executing Online Tasks → Robots Executing Online Tasks
Will Continue To Increase
As this bottom line increases so will the ability for strictly online organizations to govern the future building of society.
The future means REPUTATION, RECOGNITION, and TRUST, become more and more valuable.

We could make a referral bonus leaderboard

We essentially are building an infastructure layer for massively viral and coordinated micro influencer campaigns
Phone # Verify Required So We Can Text Everyone About Future Campaigns

To stop us, they’ll have to spend too much. We can poision pill and switch to only KYC verified so its truly the masses vote, or we can dump on them.

Wallet to wallet messaging will be a top tier feature.
Linking multiple addresses together too or an address forwarder.
We should probably have a treasury value page and a page to make applications for treasury allocating.

This is an extremely powerful and useful automated influencer campaign platform service. Since everyone votes on what to do with Treasury and what features get created its very possible that a section for partnerships in which other companies enlist the users to claim more free token.